TikTok User Samir Khan Who Mocked Face Masks In Viral Video Tests Positive For Coronavirus

The coronavirus isn’t only causing nations to shut down, travel to come to a standstill, and thousands to die — it’s also making those who don’t take it seriously look very stupid very quickly.

A Tik Tok user, who had earlier uploaded videos mocking face masks as the coronavirus had hit, has now tested positive for the coronavirus. Samir Khan from Madhya Pradesh had made a TikTok video in which an onlooker asks him why he wasn’t wearing a mask during the coronavirus epidemic. Khan replies: Why trust a piece of cloth? If you really have to trust someone, trust the Almighty. He then flings away a cloth mask and then dramatically walks away in slow motion.

Samir Khan, though, has now tested positive for the coronavirus, ABP reports. ABP carried a news report showing him lying on a hospital bed. Khan is still making TikTok videos, but he’s changed his tone. “Please support me friends,” he says. “I won’t be able to make more videos because the doctors aren’t letting me. Please pray for me” he says in a new video.

Khan isn’t the only coronavirus denier who’s tested positive for the disease. Earlier, Iraqi Islamic scholar Hadi Al-Modarresi, who had called Coronavirus a “divine punishment against China”, had himself been infected by the virus. But Samir Khan’s situation will likely come as a warning for India’s growing tribe of Tik Tok users who’d been urging people to not follow social distancing and not wear masks because they would be protected by Allah — Samir Khan’s positive diagnosis, and his subsequent pictures in a mask, will likely give them something to think about.

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