Twitter Explodes With Memes After Rahul Gandhi’s Over-the-top “Fall” While On The Way To Hathras

Rahul Gandhi’s political career has seen many falls — his leadership saw the Congress reduced to a meagre 44 seats in Parliament, and he lost his own seat of Amethi in the 2019 elections — but today the fall became a little more literal.

Rahul Gandhi, who is freshly back in India after missing the entire Monsoon Parliament session, today decided to politicize the Hathras rape by paying a visit to the bereaved family. India sees 91 rape cases per day, but Rahul chose to visit the one which has managed to capture the attention of the national media. While enroute Hathras, Rahul Gandhi clashed with the police, and appeared to gently fall in a patch of grass.

Not everyone was convinced that the fall was genuine though. Memes started doing the rounds showing people falling at the least possible provocation, including Brazilian footballer Neymar.

Another user compared Rahul Gandhi’s fall to what looked suspiciously like an attempt to claim life insurance in a road accident.

Yet another meme showed Rahul Gandhi as a child tumbling over when a swing just about brushes against him.

More memes suggested that Rahul Gandhi’s “fall” was just an act.

Soon people started sharing movie scenes with people falling over on purpose.

There were lots of footballing comparisons too.

Some people also compared Rahul Gandhi’s fall to a WWE moves.

Others felt that Rahul Gandhi’s fall could lead to some political alliances.

Rahul Gandhi’s fall at Hathras has managed to ensure that yet another brutal rape in India has been turned into a farce. With the media, politicians, and their entourages now attempting to reach the village, all desirous to extract their pound of flesh from the ghastly event, it’s not long before the victim and justice will be forgotten, and the entire case be used by opposing political parties to push their own agendas.

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