Twitter Users Urge Reliance Jio To Drop Deepika Padukone From Campaign After She Gets Summoned By The Narcotics Bureau

The nationwide anger over top Bollywood celebrities’ involvement in what is rapidly becoming India’s biggest drug scandal is spilling over on social networks.

Twitter users are urging Reliance Jio to no longer broadcast her Jio ad after she was officially summoned for questioning by Narcotics Control Bureau. Over the last couple of days, Deepika’s chats had been widely reported on TV, in which she’s asking for “maal”, and specifying that she wants “hash and not weed”. Twitter users have now begun urging Reliance to no longer broadcast their advertisement featuring Padukone.

“Deepika Padukone in JIO advertisement and it is watched by crores ,such a bad inspiration to society should not be allowed in Tv , Remove the Ad jio,” wrote a Twitter user.

Does Jio promote drug addicts, asked another user.

Other users expressed their disappointment with the advertisement.

Some users asked for the boycott of Jio for featuring the tainted actor.

“Dear Jio, please replace Deepika from one of your ads which is aired during IPL matches. I, as a consumer, isn’t interested in paying a person who stands besides goons and is involved in drug consumption. Is this demand fair enough?” wrote a Twitter user.

Some other users noticed that the ad wasn’t being broadcast today, hours after the news of the summons had become official. “They aren’t showing Deepika’s Jio ad today !! NCB Notice effect?” wrote a user.

Somewhat ironically, JioTV’s official handle also shared the news of the summons by the Narcotics Control Bureau of their own brand ambassador.

Given how the IPL is a mass product that’s also watched by children, it seems hard to conceive how Jio can continue telecasting the advertisement featuring Deepika Padukone. The chats that are in public domain clearly indicate that Deepika Padukone is a drug user, and with these chats being widely available, would indicate that Paduknoe would be a terrible role model for young children watching the IPL broadcast. Crucially, Deepika hasn’t yet denied the charges, or claimed that the chats aren’t authentic. And with the investigation only appearing to be getting more serious, with the actor now being summoned by the Narcotics Control Bureau, one wonders if brands would want to associate with a celebrity that’s in the dock for drug consumption.

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