Uninstall Amazon Trends As Indian Users Protest Against Amazon’s Web Series Tandav

What had begun as a protest against Amazon Prime’s webseries Tandav has now ballooned into a protest against the parent company.

Uninstall Amazon is currently the top trend in India, with users discarding the e-commerce app en masse while protesting against Tandav. There had been widespread online protests against Tandav, which many had alleged had demeaned Hindu gods and goddesses, and spread hurtful stereotypes against the SC/ST community. But these protests hadn’t been limited to online activism — several FIRs had also been filed against the makers of the series. This had promoted the makers of the series to issue an apology, and also agree to cut out certain parts from the series.

But it appears that hasn’t quite mollified Indian consumers. “Yes we want removal of “Tandav” & other propoganda based web series from OTT platforms. These are seriously hurting Sanatan Dharma’s religious sentiments,” wrote a Twitter user.

Some users demanded the arrest of the filmmakers, while also uninstalling the app.

Other people shared screenshots of them deleting the app from their phones.

Some people went ahead and shared videos.

And yet others rated the app 1-star on the Play store.

Some users asked people to switch to Flipkart.

More than 25,000 tweets have already been sent out with the UninstallAmazon hashtag, and the movement only appears to be growing stronger. It’s astonishing that Amazon would fund and produce a webseries that shows Hindus in a poor light — just last week, Amazon had pulled its server services from the Parler app, alleging that it promoted hate speech. But with Amazon’s own series only promoting hatred against Hindus, users seem to be are hitting back. And by boycotting Amazon’s e-commerce services, they’re attempting to hit Amazon Prime video where it hurts.

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