Vishal Dadlani Mocks CJI Ranjan Gogoi After Ayodhya Verdict, People Demand He Be Removed As Indian Idol Judge

Before the Ayodhya verdict was announced on 9th November, the entire country had appealed for restraint. Influencers on both sides of the aisle had unanimously urged citizens to remain calm, and asked them accept the Supreme Court verdict on the decades-old case. But as the judgement has finally came out, some prominent personalities have given up their pretense of remaining responsible.

Musican and former Aam Aadmi Party member Vishal Dadlani has launched an astonishing attack on the Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi following his retirement. ” Goodbye, ex-CJI Gogoi, and I hope you can stomach the disgraceful and cowardly legacy you have left this august Office,” he tweeted to his 3 million fans after the Chief Justice had retired from his position. Ranjan Gogoi had been on the bench which had delivered the historic Ayodhya verdict.

Dadlani’s vitriolic attack on India’s Chief Justice didn’t go unnoticed by people on Twitter, who expressed shock and dismay at his statement.

Others wondered if calling a former Chief Justice’s legacy “disgraceful and cowardly” could be contempt of court.

And some people wondered how being a singer and reality show judge made Vishal Dadlani an authority on judicial matters.

But a large section of Twitter’s community wasn’t going to take Dadlani’s statement lying down. Soon there were calls for his removal as the judge of Indian Idol.

Other people said they’d boycott Sony TV until Dadlani was removed as judge.

Sony TV has yet to respond on the controversy, but Dadlani’s behaviour would seem inappropriate for someone of his standing. The music composer has been an outspoken critic of the government in the past, but his latest tweet casts aspersions on India’s long-cherished judicial process, and calls an outgoing Chief Justice’s legacy “disgraceful and cowardly.” Coming so soon after the landmark Ayodhya verdict, Dadlani’s tweet has to potential to fan communal tensions, and possibly lead to real-world violence. One wonders how Sony TV can continue to associate themselves with someone who has actively used their Twitter following to spread discord at a time as sensitive as this.

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