Vistara Finally Bans Kunal Kamra, Comedian Now Banned By All Major Airlines

Kunal Kamra’s last ties to Indian skies has finally been snapped.

Air Vistara has banned Kunal Kamra from its services till 27th April. “Air Vistara has also banned me now till the 27th April, following orders like they show…,” Kamra tweeted. Kamra, though, tried to put a brave face over his expulsion from all airline travel in India. “At a time where no one can fly, all I want to say is, neither am I sorry nor am I surprised, nor am I suffering,” he wrote.

Vistara had been the only Indian airline that was yet to impose a ban on Kamra after he unleashed a deranged attack on Republic TV’s Arnab Goswami while on board an Indigo flight. He had shared a video of himself hectoring Republic TV’s Arnab Goswami in an expletive-filled rant. Kamra had taunted Goswami as a “coward”, and described himself as a member of the “Tukde Tukde gang.” He had then then gone off on a incoherent rant, repeatedly asking Arnab to confront him. Arnab had ignored Kamra completely, at which point Kamra had lost his cool and used the f-word several times.

Following his theatrics, Indigo had slapped a six month ban on the comedian. It had been followed by Air India, Spice Jet and Go Air, which had meant that Kamra was effectively banned on 89 percent of all domestic flights. Air Vistara was the only airline which had not announced a ban on the comedian, a fact that Kamra had repeatedly gloated about, sharing pictures in front of Vistara check-in terminals.

But with Vistara having finally presumably concluded its inquiry and banned Kamra, his ban from flying over Indian skies is final and complete.

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