Yet Another Video Of Man Spitting In Rotis While Making Them Goes Viral, Accused Arrested By UP Police

Police action, arrests and social media condemnation seem to have no effect on the disturbing trend of some people spitting into food items.

Yet another video of a man spitting into food being prepared has gone viral on social media. The latest video is from Shamli in Uttar Pradesh, and shows a man preparing rotis at a restaurant. While making the rotis, he repeatedly bends over them and spits into the dough. The 45 second clip has gone viral on social media.

The people recording the video had said that it was from Bara Chowk in Shamli, Uttar Pradesh, and as the video went viral, the UP Police swung into action. “The person in the video has been placed in custody and is being questioned. The required legal action is being taken,” the account of the Shamli Police said.

There have been a spate of incidents in recent times in which people have been caught spitting in food or food products. Just two weeks ago, two men, Sabi Anwar & Ibrahim, had been arrested from Delhi for spitting into dough while making rotis, and an FIR had been registered against them.

A few weeks prior to that, another man, Sohail, had been arrested from Meerut for spitting in the rotis he was preparing at a wedding. A video had been taken by a wedding guest and had gone viral, and Sohail had then been arrested.

Last year, a spate of incidents involving people spitting in food had been discovered. A man, Chand Mohammad, and his child were arrested from Rajasthan after the child was seen to spitting into the weighing bowl before selling fruits. Tablighi Jamaat members were seen spitting on the ground while being evacuated during the corona crisis, and railway authorities had said that they were spitting on trains and on doctors. In Tamil Nadu, a Tablighi Jamat member had been booked by the police for spitting on a nurse. In Maharashtra, TikTok user SayyedJameel48 had been arrested by the Nashik police for licking currency notes saying that the coronavirus had no cure, and that it was punishment from Allah.

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