YouTuber Nizamul Khan Arrested For Murdering His Girlfriend’s Brother Kamal Sharma

The Tanishq ad might have shown a rosy picture of interfaith marriages, but yet another incident has shown how far the ad was divorced from reality.

Popular YouTuber Nizamul Khan, who had over 9 lakh subscribers, has been arrested for murdering his girlfriend’s brother Kamal Sharma. Kamal Sharma was allegedly opposed to the relationship, and was shot dead on October 28 in Noida while he was returning home from work.

During the investigation, the police arrested a YouTuber Nizamul, a resident of Sector-53; Amit Gupta, a resident of Sector-20; and Sumit Sharma, a resident of Brahmapuri, Delhi, from Gijhod village, who were originally involved in the crime. Police have recovered a bike, a pistol, two cartridges and a mobile from the possession of accused. “Accused Nizamul had a love affair with Kamal’s sister. Kamal used to stop his sister from talking to him. Due to this, Nizamul conspired to kill Kamal,” a police statement said.

The murder was pre-planned. A day before the incident, Nizamul Khan and his accomplices did a recce of Kamal’s company located in Sector-65 to know the time he leaves the office. On the night of the incident, the accused were chasing Kamal from Sector-65 itself. Nizamul was sitting behind on the bike while Amit was riding the bike. As soon as the bike descended from the elevated towards the ISKCON temple, Nizamul shot Kamal in the waist.

Nizamul Khan used to make Rs. 70-80.000 a month from the bike stunt videos on his channel. He and Kamal Sharma’s younger sister had been in a relationship since 2017.

This is the latest in a series of violent events that have arisen from Muslim men being in relationships with Hindu women.  The very day the Tanishq ad was released, two Hindu men had been killed by the families of their Muslim partners. In Bengaluru, Hindu man Lakshmipathi was killed by the family of his Muslim girlfriend because her father was opposed to the inter-faith union, and in Delhi, 18-year-old Rahul was murdered by Mohammad Afroz, Mohammad Raj and 3 others over his relationship with a Muslim girl. A day later, a Hindu woman had set fire to herself in UP alleging harassment by her Muslim in-laws. A few days after that, a 23-year-old woman’s throat had been slit by her boyfriend Mustafa and his brother for asking to be married. Last week, Nikita Tomar had been killed by Tausif for refusing to convert and marry him.

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