After Spreading Fake News That A Tanishq Showroom Had Been Attacked, NDTV Fails To Cover Real News Of Sanjiv Prakashan’s Office Being Attacked

The rank hypocrisy of India’s Islamo-leftist media can often be stunning to behold.

NDTV has failed to cover the attack on Jaipur-based publishing house Sanjiv Prakashan, which was vandalized over a section on Islamic terrorism in its Class 12 pass book. The attack had been reported by several outlets including ANI, Indian Express and Times Now, but NDTV has maintained a stony silence on the issue. Searching its website for “Sanjiv Prakashan” yields no results.

Yesterday, a mob had attacked the Jaipur office of publisher Sanjiv Prakashan. They were reportedly protesting against a section in its Class 12 Political Science pass book, which had answered a question that was in the official Rajasthan board syllabus around Islamic terrorism. The mob had overturned chairs, torn books, and 3 people were arrested.

Yet no mention of this blatant attack on the freedom of speech appears on NDTV’s website, Twitter handle, or news channel. However, it’s not only NDTV — other Islamo-leftist propaganda outlets including The Quint, Scroll and The Wire have also failed to carry any news of the attack.

This is in stark contrast to the alacrity that NDTV had shown while reporting a supposed attack on a Tanishq showroom last year. After Tanishq had unveiled its ad in which it had attempted to whitewash love jihad, NDTV had carried a report that a Tanishq showroom had been attacked in Gujarat. Its channel had also reported the “news” on live TV, and this had prompted other Islamo-leftist propagandists including Swara Bhasker and Faye D’Souza to share it. As it turned out, the news was completely fake, and after it was confirmed by the local administration, NDTV was forced to delete it.

But when a real incident of real-world violence — the attack on a publishing house — has occurred, and three people have been arrested, India’s Islamo-leftist media is pretending as though nothing has happened. This shows that the repeated entreaties of Islamo-leftist outlets around the protection of freedom of speech are hollow and contrived — they only care about freedom of speech if it helps them further their own regressive agendas.

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