After Revealing Castes Of Victim And Accused In Hathras, Faye D’Souza Hides Details In Nikita Tomar Case

India’s far-left propagandists seem to have very different standards for reporting crimes based on the identities of the victims and the accused.

After immediately categorizing the Hathras incident as a caste crime, and sharing the caste affiliations of both the accused and the victim, far-left ‘journalist’ Faye D’Souza has conveniently hidden similar details in the horrific Niktia Tomar murder case which had shocked the nation yesterday. Faye D’Souza carried the following cursory report on her Instagram page on Nikita Tomar’s murder.

‘A 21-year-old woman was shot dead by a man in Haryana’s Faridabad, after she resisted his attempts to shove her into a car. The video of the incident shows the woman attempting to run away and escape, before she was shot dead. The attacker, Touseef, has been arrested,” he report said.

In this report, Faye D’Souza cleverly hides the identity of the woman. By the time her report was released, the woman’s name and identity were widely known as Nikita Tomar, and her pictures had been carried by mainstream media as well. This was a case of murder and not sexual assault, so there was no reason for Faye D’Souza to hide the identity of the murdered woman.

Also, Faye D’Souza made no mention of the reasons behind the crime, which were already being widely reported when she’d carried her report. The woman’s relative had categorically said on Times now that Nikita Tomar was murdered because she was refusing to convert and marry Tauseef.

The same reasoning was repeated by the victim’s father to ANI. “There was pressure on her to change her religion and marry,” Nikita Tomar’s father had said.

It wasn’t only Tauseef who was asking Nikita Tomar to convert — even his mother had called up Nikita asking her to convert several times.

As such, Nikita Tomar’s murder by Tauseef was a textbook case of love jihad, but not only did Faye D’Souza hide the identity of Nikita Tomar as a Hindu girl, but also carried no mention of why she was murdered. In fact, D’Souza’s report made it appear that the woman was killed for refusing to get into a car.

Compare this with how Faye D’Souza had reported on the Hathras case. “19-year-old Dalit girl who was allegedly raped by 4 upper caste men in Hathras in UP, died of her injuries in Delhi today,” Faye D’Souza had then written. She had clearly identified the castes of both the victim and the accused.

She had even tried to assign the reasons behind the case, when it wasn’t clear at all that point, and still remains unclear. “The victim’s family alleged that the accused’s family had always harassed the Dalits in the area,” Faye D’Souza wrote.

But in the Nikita Tomar case, Faye D’Souza:

  1. Hid the name and Hindu identity of the victim
  2. Hid the reasons behind the attack
  3. Failed to call out Love Jihad

It’s because of biased reporting like this that India’s apolitical urban elite, who rely on people like Faye D’Souza for news updates, feel that love jihad isn’t a problem, and are puzzled by the reaction of India’s masses to the Tanishq ad. By regularly pushing cases of love jihad under the carpet, far-left propagandists like Faye D’Souza not only fail to hold a community accountable for their actions, but also fail to inform Hindu girls of the risks they face in certain interfaith relationships. This bias might win them plaudits among their liberal peers for their ‘tolerance’, but their actions ensure that they have blood of young women like Nikita Tomar on their hands.

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