Delhi Shooter Shahrukh Called “TikTok Buff & Aspiring Model” By Print’s Shekhar Gupta, “Hookah Enthusiast” By NDTV

When the first images of Delhi shooter Shahrukh had gone viral, the left had sought to hide his identity — several prominent leftist accounts had linked him to the RSS, and NDTV’s Ravish Kumar had even suggested on his show that his name was Anurag Mishra. Now that Shahrukh has been arrested and his identity proven beyond doubt, the left has moved to Plan B — attempts to humanize the man who fired 8 rounds on Delhi’s crowded streets.

India’s leftist media houses are now actively engaged in a campaign to paint Delhi shooter Shahrukh as a normal young man who just happened to pick up a gun and shoot it towards a defenceless policeman in Delhi. Shekhar Gupta, who previously worked with NDTV and now has founded the leftist website The Print, tweeted a shocking defence of Shahrukh. “Delhi riots shooter Shahrukh — an aspiring model, TikTok buff, PUBG addict, hookah smoker..,” he tweeted. He also sought to defend his antecedents. “No individual criminal record but family’s close ‘Chennu gang’ connection,” he said. Shahrukh’s father is a drug dealer who has been jailed several times.

NDTV India also carried a similar profile of Shahrukh’s. “This is how Delhi firing’s Shahrukh made TikTok videos and smoked hookah,” NDTV titled a video, which was a collection of Shahrukh’s TikTok videos.

This isn’t the first time that leftist media houses are looking to attempting to humanize someone accused of heinous crimes. Barkha Dutt had called Burhan Wani, the dreaded terrorist who’d been waging war against the Indian state, as the “son of a headmaster.”

The Quint, too, in the past has pulled of similar stunts — in an article on Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, the Quint had taken “a look at his roles as a father and a husband.”

The Quint had also called Mohammad Rafi Bhat, who’d joined dreaded terror outfit Hizbul , a “humble, soft-spoken scholar.”

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