Denmark’s Ambassador Calls Out The Hindu For Spreading Fake News, Paper Deletes Tweet

Indians are now well-versed with how leftist propaganda outlets twist news to fit their narratives, but foreign nations too are beginning to catch on.

Yesterday The Hindu published a tweet which indicated that Denmark was alarmed by the Covid situation in India. “Denmark on Monday expressed deep concern regarding the Covid situation in India,” the tweet said, and linked to a The Hindu article.

The news fit in well with the narrative that The Hindu has been trying to peddle, which tries to show that India hasn’t handled the Covid crisis well. The Hindu has in the past selectively reported on issues and twisted data to propagate this narrative, and the latest tweet only served to reinforce it: a foreign nation was now expressing “deep concern” over India’s Covid 19 situation.

But there was only one problem: the Hindu’s fake news was this time debunked by the nation in question.

“Sorry — this is not true. Twisted news,” tweeted Freddy Svane, who is Denmark’s ambassador to India. The comment that the Hindu had chosen to make its headline was allegedly said during a virtual summit where India and Denmark had agreed to elevate relations to a Green Strategic Partnership. But as it turns out, Denmark had never expressed “deep concern” around India’s Covid situation.

After being called out for its fake news by the Danish ambassador himself, The Hindu chose to delete its tweet. But this isn’t the first time that The Hindu has pushed fake news to peddle its far-left agenda — in the past, The Hindu has spread fake news about the PM Cares Fund, been called out by the Delhi Police for its fake reporting on the Delhi riots, and even published fake news about migrants being asked to pay extra for special railways trains. But now with foreign ambassadors forced to call out The Hindu’s fake news, the struggling paper’s infamy has gone international.

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