Media Falsely Reports That Yogi Govt Is Arranging Oximeters For Cows, Devices Meant For Gaushala Staff

Even during a raging pandemic, India’s media is relentless in its objective of demonizing Hinduism and spreading Hindu Hatred among the general population.

Several mainstream outlets yesterday published a news-item that raised eyebrows. Times of India, Moneycontrol and New Indian Express said that the Yogi government was setting up Help Desks for cows in every district.

Most egregiously, the story — which was attributed to IANS — claimed that the government was arranging thermal scanners and oximeters for cows. “The cow shelters will also be equipped with all the medical equipment’s such as oximeters and thermal scanners for cows and other animals as well,” the stories said.

After these mainstream outlets published the story, it went viral. Free Press Journal even did an article on how Twitter users were making jokes at the UP government around how it was prioritizing cows during a pandemic.

But as it turns out, the entire story was based on a lie. India Today contacted the UP government, and was told that no such order had been passed. “Additional Chief Secretary (Information), Navneet Sehgal, told India Today no such order of using oximeters or thermal scanners for cows has been issued by the Uttar Pradesh government,” India Today reported. The officer specified that the thermal scanners and oximeters were meant for the staff at gaushalas, and not for “cows and other animals” as media outlets had claimed. “Instead, such things (oximeters) with the help desk will be installed in gaushalas for staff only owing to the scare of Covid-19,” Navneet Sehgal added.

This is hardly the first time that India’s mainstream media has published fake news which cleverly tries to cast Hindu practices as regressive and backwards — much fun was poked at CM Yogi for appearing to prioritize cows during a pandemic. But it was all based on a lie that was first written in an IANS story, and then spread through to mainstream publications. Until publications are held accountable — and heavily penalized — for publishing such malicious falsehoods, they will continue to spread fake news that help propagate their narratives.

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