Leftist Portals Spread Fake News That UP Police Stopped Wedding Over Love Jihad, Police Reveals Girl Was Reported Missing By Family

Leftist media portals have once again been caught spreading fake news to propagate the Muslim victimhood narrative.

Prominent left-leaning portals including Indian Express, The Wire, Mirror Now, and far-left propagandists like Faye D’Souza yesterday reported that UP’s Kushinagar Police had stopped a wedding over suspicions of love jihad. Reports said that the couple was kept overnight in the police station, and only allowed to leave after it was established that both were Muslim. The Wire went on to call it the “latest misuse of Uttar Pradesh’s controversial new anti-conversion law.”

But all these reports left out a crucial detail — that the woman had been reported missing by her family. As such, the Police was well within its rights to pause the wedding, and make enquiries. This was revealed by the Kushinagar Police.

“After receiving reports of love jihad, the police conducted enquiries. The accused was a resident of Kushinagar’s Kasya thana. He was preparing to wed a woman from Azamgarh. The woman in question had been reported missing by the Azamgarh police station. After making enquiries, and contacting the family of the woman, the duo were let off. The Police didn’t stop a wedding, and the groom wasn’t hurt in any way,” the Kushinagar Station revealed.

This flies in the face of leftist propaganda, which has attempted to cast the incident as an overreach of the love jihad law. The police was well within their rights to make enquires because the woman had run away from home, and was reported missing. But Indian Express and The Wire hid this detail in one of the last paragraphs of their report, and propagandists like Faye D’Souza conveniently failed to mention it at all, and made the entire story appear like an instance of law enforcement overreach.

This isn’t the first time that these outlets have tried to twist innocuous news stories to twist their narrative: Faye D’Souza, in particular, had also spread fake news that a Tanishq showroom had been attacked following its ad, and was forced to delete her post after the police had revealed it to be fake news. But in spite of being repeatedly called out, these propagandists continue to spread fake news with impunity in their efforts to divide the nation.

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