Leftist Voices Attempt To Muzzle Sudarshan TV’s Report On Growing Number Of Muslim UPSC Candidates, But Actively Carry Out Similar Reports On Brahmins

The left has once again been found twisting the definition of “hate speech” to best suit its ends.

Today, Sudarshan TV published a teaser of its expose on how the number of successful Muslim candidates is increasing in UPSC exams. “How has the number of Muslims suddenly increased in UPSC exams?” anchor Suresh Chavhanke asks. The teaser was 45 seconds long, and the report will only going to be aired on Friday, 28th August.

But this was enough to trigger India’s extremist leftist fringe, which immediately asked for action to be taken against the channel. ” I’ve written to Chairman, UPSC asking to take an urgent stand against the communal dog-whistle instigated by @SureshChavhanke against Muslim UPSC candidates & officers. As a Constitutional body, it is the duty of UPSC to speak up against this hate & reassure Muslim candidates,” wrote Congress supporter Saket Gokhale.

“Absolutely vile communal hatred masquerading as news. This is clearly hate speech,” wrote Nidhi Razdan, who had previously regularly interacted on Twitter with a couple that was later arrested for having ISIS links.

But even as leftists outraged against Sudarshan TV’s report without having even watched it — which sounds uncannily similar to how they protested against the Delhi riots book before having even read it — they themselves are are no strangers to questioning numbers of a particular community in similar institutions.

Leftist propaganda portal The Quint has an article on how 90% of India’s judiciary is “male and mostly upper caste”. And it doesn’t even stop at stating the fact: it goes ahead and says “Skewed scales” in the headline, implying that these 90% male and upper caste judges somehow use their backgrounds to discriminate against people who aren’t male and upper caste.

The Print has previously highlighted how there are higher percentages of Brahmins studying science, and even calls it “Brahmin domination in science” in its opening paragraph.

The Wire, which openly voices leftist propaganda, has even talked about the dominance of Brahmins in medicine. “It is a long standing pattern, where kinship and caste provided a social framework for them to access opportunities which emerged during colonialism,” its article says.

Leftists didn’t even leave cricket out of it — The News Minute has previously called cricket an urban, Brahmin sport in an article written by propagandist Rajdeep Sardesai.

And leftist journalists like Barkha Dutt have proudly held up placards asking people to “Smash Brahminical Patriarchy.”

With Leftist publications having themselves regularly highlighted the supposed dominance of Brahmins in different fields, they really have no grounds for asking a small Hindi channel to not carry out a similar report on the growing number of Muslim UPSC candidates. But to expect the left to allow voices from the other side to be heard would be giving them too much credit — for them, anything that doesn’t fit with their own established narrative is immediately “hate speech.”

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