Mirror Now Sends Out ‘Accidental’ Tweet Personally Attacking Payal Ghosh, Deletes It Later

India’s far-left media tries its hardest to put up a facade of neutrality, but their slip-ups end up inadvertently revealing their political leanings anyway.

Today, Mirror Now sent out an unusual tweet. After ANI had reported on how Payal Ghosh, the actress who’d accused Anurag Kashyap of sexual harassment, had joined the Republican Party of India (A), Mirror Now chose to reply to ANI’s tweet. “Is this the same actor who slanders and accuses people wrongly? @Richa Chadha,” Mirror Now’s official Twitter account, which has 87,000 followers, tweeted.

Now a national TV channel replying to ANI would be strange in itself, but what was more strange was the content of the tweet. Mirror Now had chosen to personally attack Payal Ghosh for ‘slandering and accusing people wrongly’, and in its tweet, had tagged Richa Chadha as well. Payal Ghosh and Richa Chadha have been at loggerheads over the Anurag Kashyap issue, and Mirror Now’s official Twitter account was clearly taking sides, attacking Payal Ghosh, while making sure the tweet got the attention of Richa Chadha.

But soon after the tweet was posted, it was deleted. As such, it would appear that the tweet was never meant to be posted from the official Mirror Now account — it was likely meant to be posted from the personal account of the individual handling Mirror Now’s account, but was accidentally posted from Mirror Now’s official account instead.

The tweet is now deleted, but, shows the deep-set biases of people who work at far-left organizations like Mirror Now. Payal Ghosh should’ve been a heroine for the far-left — a smalltime actress, she’d dared to speak about the sexual harassment she’d faced at the hands of a powerful director in Anurag Kashyap. But such is the Indian left-wing ecosystem, that it had been protecting one of its own, while choosing to vilify a woman who had spoken up about sexual harassment.

Interestingly, this is isn’t the first time that Mirror Now has chosen to make its far-left biases known. A few days ago, when Baba Ramdev had appeared to fall off an elephant while doing a yoga asana, a user had commented “Ye pehle se gira hua hai, Aur kitna girega ye (he’s already a lowly man, how much lower can he sink),” on Mirror Now’s Instagram. At that point, Mirror Now’s official Instagram had gone ahead and liked this comment, signifying their approval to what was said.

Now it’s a free country, and news portals are free to have their political leanings. But the left likes to pretend that they impartially report the news — Mirror Now’s tagline, for instance, says ‘You. First.’ But as their social media goof ups show, channels which claim to be neutral are run by far-left activists, and viewers need to be aware that their reporting carries many of their far-left biases.

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