NDTV Admits Fake News, Updates Article And Removes References To Tanishq Store Being ‘Attacked’

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After being called out by alert social media users, leftist propaganda portal NDTV has been forced to correct its fake news within three hours.

NDTV has updated its article in which it had claimed that a Tanishq store in Gujarat had been ‘attacked’ following the company’s love jihad ad. At around 12:30 pm today, NDTV had published an article claiming that a Tanishq store had been ‘attacked’. “A store of popular jewelry brand Tanishq was attacked in Gujarat amid (a) row over an advertisement that has been withdrawn after vicious trolling on social media,” the article began.

But just half an hour after the article had been published, social media influencer The Skin Doctor had called up the Tanishq store in question, and had confirmed from the manager that no attack had taken place. He’d also shared an audio clip of his phone conversation.

After the audio clip of the conversation started going viral, NDTV quietly changed the copy of its article, and changed the word ‘attacked’ to ‘targeted.’

And the article was updated again, this time with a new headline. As opposed to the store being attacked just a few hours prior, NDTV now says that the store just received ‘threat calls’.

In a matter of three hours, NDTV went from claiming a store was attacked, to claiming that a store having received ‘threat calls’. It was the quick action of alert social media users that prompted what claims to be national media company to dial back on its fake reporting. Trust in NDTV is already at an all-time low, and the latest episode would prove that such is NDTV’s proclivity to spread propaganda that it is now impossible to believe what NDTV reports any more.

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