NDTV Airs Edited Video Of Jamia Incident With Masked Student Cropped Out

If you’re watching the news on NDTV, what you see is not always what you get.

NDTV today aired a video of Delhi Police personnel entering the Jamia University library and driving away the people present. “The video shows Delhi Police personnel entering the hall and beating up students studying there,” NDTV’s reporter said as the footage played on the channel.

But there was a problem — the footage aired on NDTV hid the most important part of the whole scene. On the bottom right on the unedited video, a student is seen with his face hidden with his handkerchief. Moments before this footage was shot, Jamia’s “students” had clashed with Delhi Police and pelted them with stones. Many of the students who’d pelted stones at the police had covered their faces with handkerchiefs, much like the man in the Jamia library.

As it would be quite unusual for a student to sit in a library with their face covered with a handkerchief, many on the internet had speculated that the man with the covered face was one of the “protesters” who’d pelted the police with stones. As the police had advanced, he’d likely run into the library and pretended to be studying.

But NDTV chose to edit this portion out of the video. The video NDTV aired cropped the man out of the scene, so that only the police could be seen with lathis entering the library and striking the people who were holed up there.

It would appear inconceivable that NDTV was only able to acquire this cropped footage, and ended up playing it today morning — the video in its entirely had been going viral on the internet since late last night, and the video clearly showed the masked man on the bottom left corner. Nor was there a paucity of space on NDTV’s screen — NDTV had to insert two gray blocks on either side where the video had been cropped. Which leads to the only possible explanation — NDTV cropped the video out to deliberately hide the masked man, because the masked man provided conclusive evidence that the people in the Jamia library weren’t merely students, but rioters who’d clashed with the police moments earlier.

NDTV has, several times in the past, been accused of distorting news events, or presenting facts in a way that furthers its anti-India agenda. But for it to crop out evidence from a video that was anyway going viral on the internet, and air it on its TV channel, is a staggering new low.

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2 thoughts on “NDTV Airs Edited Video Of Jamia Incident With Masked Student Cropped Out

  1. Thanks for bringing this fact. Character of many media has deteriorated so much that they don’t feel shy to broadcast fake / edited news for money. They don’t have any ethics.
    I had some respect for this channel which is shattered now.

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