NDTV Falsely Claims Supreme Court Judges Will Get To Choose Which Vaccine To Take, Deletes Tweet After Health Ministry Clarification

Even during the time of a national pandemic, NDTV continues spreading fake news to create misinformation and panic.

NDTV today claimed that Supreme Court judges would get an option to choose which vaccine they’d take. “Supreme Court judges to be vaccinated from tomorrow, can choose between 2 vaccines,” NDTV said in a tweet at 3:52 pm.

This is a narrative that the left has been trying to propagate over the last few months — it’s been trying to hint that Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin vaccine, which is developed and made in India, isn’t quite as effective as Covishield, made by Serum Institute in Pune, which has been developed by Oxford-AstraZeneca. The government has insisted that both vaccines are effective, and citizens wouldn’t get to choose which vaccine they’d be administered. So when NDTV reported that judges would get to choose which vaccine they’d take, it had the potential to get citizens to question why they weren’t being allowed the same choice, and create unrest and panic.

As it turns out, NDTV’s claim that Supreme Court judges would get to choose their vaccine was completely fake. As pointed out by Twitter user Befitting Facts, the Health Ministry immediately said that Supreme Court judges wouldn’t get to choose which vaccine to take. “It is Wrong.They are Not allowed to choose. It will be entirely through Co-Win System.Government Facility (CGHS Dispensary) within Supreme Court to be used,” the Health Ministry said.

At this point, NDTV quietly deleted its tweet. It hasn’t yet clarified how it happened to report that Supreme Court judges would be allowed to choose their vaccines, and hasn’t yet issued an apology for spreading fake news. At 5:10 pm, it carried a new update. “Health Ministry says Supreme Court judges won’t get choice of vaccine,” it tweeted.

This isn’t the first time that NDTV has tried to spread panic about the vaccines. Three months ago, it had reported that vaccine proposals from Bharat Biotech and Serum Institute of India had been rejected by the Health Ministry, forcing the Ministry to step in and call it “fake news”. And with the Health Ministry being forced to once again clarify on NDTV’s fake reporting, in spite of being called out so many times, NDTV’s campaign of spreading disinformation continues unabated.

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