NDTV Reporter Saurabh Shukla Uses Same Gau Mutra Jibe Used By Pulwama Bomber Before Killing 40 CRPF Jawans

The lines between India’s far left propaganda channels and actual terrorists is fast blurring.

NDTV reporter Saurabh Shukla today made the same Hinduphobic joke that the Pulwama bomber had made before blowing up a CRPF convoy and killing 40 jawans. After a journalist had shared an update about how the Delhi government was allowing the home delivery of alcohol, far-left propagandist Rohini Singh appeared to jokingly congratulate him. At this point, NDTV’s Saurabh Shukla interjected and wrote “Now he stays in Ghaziabad, aur wahan daru mangega to Gau mutra ki home delivery hogi (Now he lives in Ghaziabad, if he tries to order alcohol he’ll get gau mutra (cow urine) instead”.

Ghaziabad is in Uttar Pradesh, whose Chief Minister is Hindu saint Yogi Adityanath. Alcohol is completely legal in Uttar Pradesh, but NDTV’s Saurabh Shukla seemed to deem it fit to use a Hinduphobic jibe in reference to the state.

Interestingly, the same jibe had also been used by the Pulwama bomber. In a video recorded before the attack, he’d warned Hindustan” and “drinkers of cow urine”, of “further misery” to be unleashed by “Allah’s messengers”.

But India’s mainstream leftist journalists seem to think nothing of using racial slurs that are also used by actual terrorists before carrying out bombings. It would be unthinkable for a mainstream journalist to use slurs for Muslims which refer to the practice of circumcision, or refer to Christians with slurs around how many of them are induced to join the religion. But journalists seem to think it’s alright that that they can openly and proudly share slurs against the Hindu religion.

NDTV, for its part, has an odd relationship with terrorists. Past news reports have called Hizbul terrorists as “workers” and ISIS terrorists as “activists”, and former anchor Nidhi Razdan used to regularly interact on Twitter with a pair of terrorists who were later arrested for planning bomb attacks in Delhi. Last year, Fellow senior journalist Vishnu Som had been pictured with a doll of Osama bin Laden on his desk. And with even rank and file journalists of the channel speaking in the language of hardened Islamic terrorists, one wonders where the loyalties of NDTV really lie.

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