NDTV Reporter Shares Picture From Newsroom, Republic TV Seen Playing In The Background

Rival news channels have been the most vocal about how Republic always manages garner the highest TRPs, but it turns out that they themselves can’t help watching the channel they love to hate.

NDTV’s Sanket Upadhayay today shared a set of pictures from his NDTV studios. In the four pictures, Sanket Upadhayay is seen posing in front of the NDTV logo, coyly checking his phone, and smiling at the camera. But what drew the attention of alert netizens was what was playing in one of the televisions in the background.

In two of the pictures, Republic TV is seen playing in on the monitors. The pictures are blurred, but Republic’s logo and signature colour scheme are clearly visible.

Ironically, Sanket Upadhyay has been a vocal critic of the TRP mechanism which regularly places Republic TV at the very top of news ratings. Displaying an almost child-like ignorance of how statistics and sampling works, Upadhyay had railed against the fact how only 700 TV sets were used to determine the top English channels of the country.

But his arguments around how not many people watch Republic TV won’t hold much water if he shares himself shares pictures from his studio with Republic playing in the background. Incredibly, this isn’t the first time that people who wouldn’t be expected to watch Republic have been caught watching it. When Republic Bharat was reporting from outside Rhea Chakraborty’s house, it had zoomed into her window, and discovered that she too was watching Republic.

Leftists have had several explanations to explain Republic’s popularity. When the channel had first zoomed to the top of the charts, leftists had said that its coverage was overly dramatic, and not real news. Now they’ve shifted goalposts to claim that the TRPs themselves are fake, and Republic isn’t as popular as the numbers suggest. But with even rival news channels playing Republic TV in their newsrooms, one wonders how seriously to take their claims of Republic not being the most popular news channel in India.

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