NDTV Reports Tanishq Gandhidham Store “Attacked”, Manager Confirms To Social Media User On Audio That No Attack Took Place

Until a few decades ago, leftist news portals could peddle their lies with impunity, and there was no way to call them out. But with the internet, and the ingenuity of some social media users, leftist news portals are being fact-checked in real time — and the results aren’t pretty.

NDTV today reported that a Tanishq store in Gujarat had been ‘attacked’. “Tanishq store attacked in Gujarat’s Gandhidham, manager forced to write apology note amid row over ad,” NDTV’s Twitter account tweeted at 12:33 PM.

Tanishq has been in the eye of a storm all of yesterday after it created a YouTube ad which netizens said promoted love jihad. BoycottTanshishq had trended all day on social media, and hundreds of social media users had said that they wouldn’t buy Tanishq products again. But the news of a store being attacked, as reported by NDTV, lent a different colour to the situation.

However, just half an hour after NDTV had put up its tweet, social media influencer The Skin Doctor replied to it with an audio recording of a phone conversation with the store.

“This is fake news,” he wrote. “I just spoke to the store manager at Tanishq Gandhidham. I hope @TanishqJewelry too issues a clarification on this. Are they hand in gloves with NDTV in this victim playing?” he added.

In the audio clip, the store’s manager categorically says that no one has attacked the store. “No, no, no, no such attack has taken place,” he says. He appears surprised that NDTV is reporting that his store has been attacked, and asks to see the footage where NDTV said that the store had been attacked.

After the audio clip went viral, other news portals also began reporting that the store had not been attacked. This was confirmed by India TV in an article.

Earlier, there were reports that the store was attacked by a mob, however, inputs with India TV have revealed the store was not attacked. Meanwhile, the showroom manager and local police have also rubbished media reports that the showroom was attacked by some people angry with the Tanishq advertisement. "No such attack has taken place," said Superintendent of Police, Kutch-East, Mayur Patil.

As such, one would wonder what caused NDTV to claim that the store had been ‘attacked’. In the past, NDTV has sought to paint a narrative of Hindu terror, while simultaneously describing dreaded Islamic terrorists as ‘workers’ or ‘sons of headmasters’. In the Tanshiq controvery, it seems to have gone a step further and manufactured a whole attack out of thin air.

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