Swati Chaturvedi Shares Old Photo Of Amit Shah Campaigning And Calls Him “Shameless”, Deletes Tweet After Being Called Out

Even as India is battling the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, its left-leaning propagandists are at the front and center of spreading fake news.

Alleged journalist Swati Chaturvedi, who writes for NDTV and Gulf News, today shared a photo of Amit Shah in what looked like a massive roadshow. “How shameless is Shah? States fighting over oxygen, domain of his ministry and this man rallies in Kolkata,” she wrote.

Chaturvedi tried to pass off the image as of being from today, and hinted that instead of helping out with the coronavirus pandemic, Shah was holding roadshows in Kolkata. But she was corrected by Twitter user Befitting Facts, who showed her that that the image was old, and had been first shared by ANI on 13th April.

There was no acute shortage of oxygen when the picture was taken, and Swati Chaturvedi was thus trying to pass off an old image while simultaneously using derogatory language against India’s Home Minister.

But after the old ANI pictures were shared, and began being retweeted, Swati Chaturvedi realized her clever little game was up, and deleted the tweet. It had amassed 188 Retweets and 579 likes by then, and would’ve likely already made its way to WhatsApp and Facebook groups, and helped with such left-leaning journalists’ disinformation campaign.

Interestingly, left-leaning propagandists don’t seem to be quite as concerned about large rallies when they’re conducted by the politicians they support. Just today, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee conducted a massive rally with a large crowd in Dakshin Dinajpur. ANI had even shared pictures of the rally, showing the crowd squeezed into together at the venue, and some weren’t even wearing masks.

West Bengal, like the rest of India, is battling the coronavirus pandemic, and the state reported over 10,000 cases yesterday. Mamata Banerjee isn’t only the Chief Minister of Bengal, but also its Health Minister, and no left-leaning journalist appeared to point out why Banerjee was addressing large rallies while not handling the coronavirus situation in her state. But the fact that these propagandists went through the trouble to pick up a old picture of Amit Shah to attack him shows why there’s so little trust left in India’s left leaning media.

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