The Hindu Uses Rahul Gandhi’s Picture In Article About World Leaders Congratulating Joe Biden

India’s media might pretend to be neutral, but it can’t help but exhibit its biases in even the most innocuous articles.

Far-left propaganda outlet The Hindu has used a picture of Rahul Gandhi in a piece titled “World congratulates Joe Biden and Harris on ‘historic’ win”. The article, which appears to be syndicated from the Agence France-Presse, talks about the Mayor of Paris, the German Foreign Minister, and the Italian Foreign Minister all congratulating Joe Biden. But within the article, The Hindu sneaks in Rahul Gandhi’s congratulatory message too, and ends up using his picture for the entire piece.

Now it’s hard to say why The Hindu would use a message from someone who’s nothing more than the Wayanad MP in an article about the world congratulating Joe Biden. The Hindu calls Rahul Gandhi “the leader of the Congress party”, but as it turns out, Rahul Gandhi officially isn’t the President of the Congress party since giving up his post in a huff after Congress’ humiliating defeat in the 2019 elections — it’s his mother Sonia Gandhi who’s the current interim Congress President.

But this isn’t the first time The Hindu has made its preferences for the Congress party known, and sought to give it prominence through its paper. The Hindu’s coverage is usually heavily tilted in favour of the Congress party, and the during the 2019 elections, it had sought to propagate the narrative of the corruption in Rafale deal in lockstep with the Congress. Even today, as Congress has been toeing the Chinese line on Ladakh, The Hindu had carried out a full-page advertorial paid for by the Chinese government, which spoke glowingly about China’s achievements. And with The Hindu now using Rahul Gandhi’s photo in articles about the world congratulating Joe Biden, it’s not leaving much to the imagination around which party it — covertly and overtly — is trying to prop up in India.

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