The Print Columnist Zainab Sikander Says Charlie Hebdo Would Never Dare To Mock Christianity, Netizens Point Out Numerous Instances When It Has Done So

Even as three terror attacks have been reported from across France today, and two more have been thwarted, terror apologists in India have already begun their attempts to justify them.

Zainab Sikandar, who writes for The Print, today attacked Charlie Hebdo for publishing its cartoons on prophet Mohammad. “Charlie Hebdo would have zero guts to publish cartoons making fun of the holocaust (or Jews) or Mother Mary or LGBTQ community. Let’s have a conversation on “what’s the big deal with the cartoons on Prophet Muhammad” after that. The world has resorted to bullying Muslims,” she tweeted.

Zainab Sikander appeared to be making the argument that Charlie Hebdo was singling out Muslims with its cartoons, while not making fun of “Mother Mary” or other groups. But netizens were quick to point out how The Print columnist was horribly misinformed.

A Twitter user shared 4 cartoons made which mocked Jesus and Christianity. In one cartoon, Mother Mary is seen giving birth to baby Jesus. In another, Jesus stars as a character in the movie Le Diner De Cons (Dinner with the asshole), which was adapted in Hindi as Bheja Fry. Two other cartoons make fun of the Pope.

Another user shared a cartoon in which Charlie Hebdo had made fun of Jews.

Another user shared cartoons which had made fun of LGBTQ people.

Incredibly, Zainab Sikander failed to realize the cartoon over which the entire furore exists features Jesus and Moses along with Mohammad.

In fact, a Quartz article from 2015 had said that Charlie Hebdo has been sued more often by Christians than by Muslims.

But these facts were ignored by Zainab Sikander, who chose to flash her victim card to try to turn the conversation frpm one centered around the horrific terror attacks into one about how Muslims were being bullied. Such statements aren’t only false, but they’re also dangerous — such justifications can only embolden those to who carry out terror attacks, and can lead to even more lives being lost.

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