The Print’s Contributing Editor Shivam Vij Attacks Modi Govt For Not Giving Vaccine To Friend Who Passed Away, Relative Reveals She Didn’t Even Die Of Covid

Such is the Modi Derangement Syndrome of India’s left-leaning propagandists that they’re now blaming non-Covid deaths on him too.

The Print’s Contributing Editor Shivam Vij today called the Modi government ‘heartless’ for not giving the Covid vaccine to a friend, who eventually passed away. “My college mate Shaoli Rudra died of Covid-19. She had low immunity due to underlying health issues. The Modi government didn’t consider her for priority vaccination because she was under 45. She tweeted asking for people like her to be vaccinated. Heartless government,” he wrote. For good measure, he dug old a tweet from the friend from three weeks ago in which she’d asked for those with underlying health conditions to be vaccinated.

Vij didn’t only explicitly say that his friend had died of Covid, but also called the Modi government ‘heartless’ for not vaccinating her. But has it turned out, all of this was fake news.

“Hi, this is Shaoli’s cousin,” Twitter account @tarinib responded to Vij’s tweet. “We’re devastated by this loss. But I just wanted to let you know that Shao didn’t die because of Covid. She succumbed to long term complications due to her condition,” she wrote.

At this point, Shivam Vij seemed to realize that his game was up, and deleted his tweet.

It’s not clear whether Shivam Vij didn’t actually know whether his friend hadn’t died of Covid, or knew and chose to lie anyway, but his tweet had the potential to spread alarm and panic in what is already a difficult situation for the country. The tweet also shows the lengths to which left-leaning propagandists will go to blame everything on Modi — here a senior ‘journalist’ from a large outlet blamed Modi for a death which had nothing to do with Covid. If such is their bias in a simple tweet, one can only imagine how their biases manifest in the articles and stories that they write.

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