The Wire Falsely Claims Rajnath Singh Said Reciting Ramcharitmanas Is Medicine Against Covid, Deletes Article After Being Called Out

Even during a national pandemic, India’s Islamo-leftist propaganda outlets are continuing with their agenda of maligning the Hindu faith.

The Wire today carried an article which claimed that Defence Minister Rajnath Singh had said that reciting the Ramcharitmanas was a medicine against Covid. “Rajnath Singh says reciting ‘Ramcharitmanas’ will work as medicine against Covid-19,” the article was titled. The Wire went on to call Singh’s claim “unique and “absurd”.

The statement made by Rajnath Singh, the Lucknow MP, has come under scrutiny. Addressing a Ram Navami function in Lucknow via a video conference, the defence minister said that the recitation of ‘Ramcharitmanas’, an epic poem composed by Tulsidas, had the propensity to cure Covid-19 by enhancing positivity in an individual. Singh went on to add, “Rest assured this can work as a medicine in major diseases,” The Wire’s article said.

But as it turned out, Rajnath Singh had made no such statement. A few hours after the story was published, The Wire deleted it. The link to the story now leads to a 404 Error Page.

The Wire separately admitted the story was fake in a tweet. “A story posted on our website today wrongly claimed Defence Minister Rajnath Singh had said the Ramcharitmanas would help the fight against COVID-19. The story was based on unverified reports from other news sources and has been withdrawn,” The Wire said.

Interestingly, The Wire blamed Congress mouthpiece National Herald for first spreading the fake news. “In the initial version of this story, claims made by two newspapers — Prabhat Khabar and National Herald — of defence minister Rajnath Singh and other speakers at an event in Lucknow saying the Ramcharitmanas would help combat COVID-19 were erroneously reproduced in our correspondent’s report and in our headline without independent confirmation by The Wire. The story was unpublished shortly after publication since the necessary due diligence on it was not done. A subsequent review by our editorial desk of what appears to be a recording of the entire event does not show the minister making the remarks attributed to him and we have thus removed those references. We apologise to Rajnath Singh and our readers for this lapse,” the Wire said.

Interestingly, all of the mistakes that these Islamo-leftist outlets seem to make somehow malign Hinduism. If these outlets were truly neutral, there would be times when they’d carry fake news that makes Hinduism look good, but as far as anyone can tell, that’s almost never happened. Which goes on to show that these mistakes aren’t inadvertent at all — they’re a part of a plan to malign India’s Hindu faith with conjectures, exaggerations, and outright falsehoods.

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