The Wire Journalist Spreads Fake News That DD Is Streaming Ramayana With A Moser Baer Watermark

The lengths to which leftist journalists will lie to make the current government look bad is just breathtaking.

Neha Dixit, who has written for leftist propaganda portals including Al Jazeera, Washington Post, Caravan, and The Wire, today took to Twitter to make a somewhat outrageous claim. “Apologies for this inane tweet,” she said. “But Doordarshan, India’s National Broadcaster, is streaming Ramayana from a Moser Baer DVD. Along with the watermark,” she wrote. She also added what was a supposed still from the show with the Moser Baer logo in the left corner.

Dixit’s tweet immediately got several retweets — hers is a verified account on Twitter, and she also has nearly 60,000 followers. The leftist cabal responded too — NDTV’s Srinivasan Jain, replied with a “!”, while other accounts commended her on her observational skills.

But there were several problems with her claim. For starters, the image Dixit had shared didn’t have the Doordarshan logo, which meant that it wasn’t taken from national broadcaster Doordarshan at all. But in spite of several people pointing this out, Dixit refused to back down and didn’t delete her tweet.

Her tweet got so much attention — chiefly from those making fun of her ludicrous claim — that even the CEO of Prasar Bharti had to chime in. Shashi Shekhar, who is the CEO of Prasar Bharti, also clarified that the screenshot the journalist shared wasn’t from Doordarshan. “This doesn’t seem to be from Doordarshan please re-check your source,” Shekhar tweeted.

When prompted by several users to share the link where she’d found the watermarked logo, all Dixit could say that as the telecast was over, she was unable to share the link.

But internet sleuths appeared to have figured out where the picture was from — ever since DD announced it was going to telecast Ramayana, several independently-owned channels on YouTube have been streaming the show as well. We were able to find a channel — that was completely unrelated to Doordarshan — which was telecasting Ramayan with the exact same Moser Baer logo.

But Neha Dixit only has a BA in English Literature from Miranda House University, and a Masters from Jamia Millia Islamiya, so her technical illiteracy caused her to mistake a video from a third-party channel to being from Doordarshan. And such was her eagerness to attack the government, that she went ahead and tweeted the news without bothering to verify it. As of writing, her tweet is still up.

The Wire, for which Neha Dixit has written in the past, is no stranger to fake news. Its Founding Editor currently has an FIR registered against him for falsely attributing a quote to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

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