The Wire, The Quint And The Hindu Are Using Pictures Of Gyanvapi Mosque Which Hide The Temple Wall

Propaganda is sometimes blatant and in-your-face; at other times, it can be more subtle.

Leftist propaganda outlets are choosing to use pictures of the Gyanvapi mosque which don’t show its temple wall in their coverage of the issue. Last week, a court had ordered the Archeological Survey of India to conduct a survey of the site to determine its historical provenance, and to determine if the mosque was indeed built after demolishing the Kashi Vishwanath Mandir. Many had found the order strange, because just looking at the mosque makes it apparent that it was built on top of a Hindu temple.

But far-left propaganda outlets are choosing to not use this picture, but are instead using pictures of the mosque from other angles in their articles on the issue. The Quint today did an ‘explainer‘ on the dispute, but chose to add a picture from the other side of the mosque, in which the temple wasn’t visible. They also used a picture at night, which completely hid the side of the mosque that has the temple wall.

The Wire also wrote an article on how the courts had reopened the ‘dispute’, but again somehow chose to use a picture that hid the temple wall.

The Hindu too did an article on the issue, speaking of how Congress MPs were speaking against the order, but the picture it had used also curiously hid the temple wall at the mosque.

Now if one left-leaning outlet uses such a picture, it can be passed off as oversight or coincidence, but for major leftist outlets to all use pictures which hide the temple wall would make it appear that such a choice is deliberate. Incredibly, the picture with the temple wall is central to the dispute — it conclusively shows that a temple had once stood where the mosque stands now. And the picture with the temple wall showing is the most popular photo of the mosque — it’s the first result on Image Search, and it’s the picture on the Google card for the structure.

Yet leftist propaganda outlets are somehow using pictures from angles which hide the temple wall at the Gyanvapi mosque. Media companies know that most people just read headlines and look at images, and by not using the picture which shows the underlying temple beneath the mosque, propaganda outlets are trying to prevent their readers from seeing the evidence of the history of the mandir that’s staring them in the face.

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