Twitter Suspends OpIndia Hindi Editor Ajeet Bharti Over Comments On Radical Islam

Media platforms haven’t been shy of editorializing the words of the US President himself — Twitter repeatedly censored Donald Trump’s tweets in the weeks leading up to the campaign — and they appeared to have stepped up their censorship in other markets.

Twitter has suspended the account of OpIndia Hindi editor Ajeet Bharti for supposedly breaking its rules around ‘hateful conduct’. Ajeet Bharti had tweeted yesterday about how leaders were moving from referring to ‘radical Islam’ to merely mentioning ‘Islam’ in their statements on terror. Twitter said that it was suspending Ajeet Bharti’s account because tweets were not allowed to “promote violence against, threaten, or harass other people on the basis of race, ethniticy and national origin.”

Curiously, Twitter had previously said that the tweet in question didn’t violate any Twitter rules. The tweet had been reported to Twitter, and Twitter had said that they had investigated its contents and couldn’t identify any violations. But soon after, Ajeet Bharti’s account was suspended.

What’s even more surprising is that Twitter regularly allows left-leaning people to make even stronger statements against Hindus, with seemingly no repercussions. Left-leaning people in India have spoken often about “Hindu terror”. A simple Twitter search revealed hundreds of tweets which speak of “Hindu terror”, and accounts which tweeted them out seem to be thriving instead of being suspended.

It’s extraordinary why Twitter would let these tweets which clearly speak of Hindu terror remain up, while suspending the account of a journalist for merely mentioning Islamic terror. But Twitter has previously been similarly capricious in its censorship. In the US, Twitter has been accused of censoring information that could prove detrimental to Democrats, such as the references to the Hunter Biden emails, while censoring the legitimate tweets of the US President. Media platforms appear to have have openly emerged as a far-left player in political equations, and India would do well to check their influence before they choose to use their heft to shift India’s political narrative.

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