“Woooooohooooo”: India’s “Neutral Journalists” Publicly Celebrate Trump’s Removal From Office

For the last four years, left-leaning media across the world had run a sustained campaign against conservative US President Donald Trump with lies, slander and one-sided reporting. As Trump has left office, the masks are finally falling, and the hate is out in the open.

NDTV founder Prannoy Roy took to Twitter to publicly celebrate Donald Trump’s removal from office. “Ex-president Trump. Woooooohooooo,” he tweeted, and added a raised fist emoji for effect.

Alleged “neutral journalist” Rajdeep Sardesai too likened Trump’s removal to the cleaning up of Washington. “Washington is Sundar today! All the best Joe Biden and Kamala Harris,” he wrote.

His wife Sagarika Ghose happily tweeted a “Goodbye Trump”, and said that America had returned to “democracy”, forgetting that Trump had been democratically elected too.

Barkha Dutt declared she had a girl crush on Kamala Harris.

India Today’s Poulomi Saha was so overcome with emotion she had tears in her eyes.

Now it’s a free country, and anyone is free to support anyone they wish. But for journalists who cover politics to so openly make their biases known doesn’t speak much for their reporting — journalists are meant to dispassionately cover issues, and then let the watching public make up their minds about what’s right and what’s not. But with journalists literally fistbumping and crying tears of joy when a candidate wins an election speaks volumes about their coverage — with left-leaning journalists being so vested in the outcome, is there any chance that the reporting on Trump — or Modi — can ever be neutral? Left-leaning journalists are no longer journalists — they’re rabid activists, helping their favoured candidates with their one-sided reporting, and then vapidly and publicly cheering their success.

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