Akash Banerjee’s Channel The Deshbhakt Spreads Fake News That Former Uttarakhand CM Had Said That Coronavirus Shouldn’t Be Fought Because It Has A Right To Live

Far-left propagandists like John Oliver have long been spreading falsehoods abroad under the garb of comedy; Indian copycats now seem to be doing much of the same. Homegrown far-left propagandist Akash Banerjee’s Youtube channel, ironically named The Deshbhakt, is spreading fake news that former Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat […]

Media Portals Carry Misleading Headlines To Imply Former Uttarakhand CM Had Said That Coronavirus Has A “Right To Live”

India’s left-leaning media is now employing Goebbels-like propaganda to denigrate those who it views as political opponents. Yesterday, several mainstream outlets including Hindustan Times, Moneycontrol and Mint, far-left publications including NDTV and Wire published articles around how former Uttarakhand Chief Minister TS Rawat had said that the coronavirus had a […]

India’s Sultans Originally Celebrated Eid By Making Daughters Of Defeated ‘Infidel’ Kings Dance And Then Presented Them As Gifts To Foreigners, Ibn Battuta Had Written In The 1300s

India’s secularism project has tried its hardest to portray how harmony existed between India’s Muslim invaders and the native Hindu kings, but first-hand sources from that period paint a completely different picture. Ibn Battuta was one of the world’s greatest travelers. Born in Morocco in 1304, he set off on […]