AAP Leader Celebrates Death Of IB Officer Ankit Sharma During Delhi Riots, Says Will Never Feel Sorry For A “Thulla”

All of India has responded with shock at horror at the events unfolding in Delhi, but some people aren’t quite as sympathetic.

Aam Aadmi Party leader Mayur Panghaal today appeared jubilant at the news of the horrific murder of Intelligence Bureau officer Ankit Sharma. “So a thulla called Ankit Sharma was found in the gutter today. Somehow I cant feel sorry for a any dead thulla so spare me the elegy (sic),” Panghaal posted on Facebook.

As per his Facebook profile, Mayur Panghal is the joint convener of the Aam Aadmi Party, Navi Mumbai for Belapur constituency. He also manages the AAP Facebook page for Belapur constituency.

The term “thulla” used in Panghaal’s Facebook post is a derogatory term used for policemen in northern India.

Earlier today, the body of Intelligence Bureau official Ankit Sharma had been recovered from a drain in North-East Delhi. His father had claimed that Sharma had allegedly been murdered by an anti-CAA mob. BJP leader Kapil Mishra had said that Sharma was murdered by AAP leader Tahir Hussain, and had shared a video of how stones were being pelted from the roofof Hussain’s home the night before.


देखिये आम आदमी पार्टी के निगम पार्षद ताहिर हुसैन का घरछत से लगातार पत्थर, पेट्रोल बम चलाये गएबाद में इन्ही लड़को ने IB अफसर अंकित शर्मा की हत्या कर लाश नाले में फेंकीताहिर हुसैन गिरफ्तार हो और उसका फोन चेक हो, लोगो का कहना है वो लगातार केजरीवाल से बात कर रहा था

Posted by Kapil Mishra on Wednesday, February 26, 2020

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5 thoughts on “AAP Leader Celebrates Death Of IB Officer Ankit Sharma During Delhi Riots, Says Will Never Feel Sorry For A “Thulla”

  1. Sirs,

    It is now very very clearly evident that, AAM AADMI PARTY was/is responsible for the protests in Delhi, to have political gains. The crores of funds and distribution of money and food at the protest site in Shaheen bagh is a living proof ! Who will come and sit with months old babies? I heard that even babies were paid Rs.500 per day, so they brought. Sorry to say, but a mother and baby get 500+500 = 1000 per day, just for sitting, eating free food and raising some slogans – it is a good bargain, right ? The ‘haraam’ money is earned thus, and paid by ‘haramees’ who got monies from various sources, who probably also have lot of illegal money that they can spare ! I can not think of paying or donating even 10 rupees of my hard earned money, for such anti-national, anti-social and illegal acts ! I don’t even pay a beggar who has a cigarette or beedi in his hand ! I usually give a beggar some kind of food item, but I do NOT give them money….

    It is high time to bring to light, the antecedents of Mr Kejriwal….. bring out the truth behind the so-called ‘charity’ his family runs….. some ordinary people have some inklings…… does the IB not know ? OR, does the IB officer who was killed, knew something, hence he was killed, before he could make it known to the higher ups ? Else, why ONLY THIS IB OFFICER dragged into the building of the AAP Corporator TAHIR , brutally beaten up, killed and then his body thrown into a drain ? SUCH A HATRED? WHY? There is DEFINITELY something !!! It doesn’t need to be a genius to comprehend this…. Kejriwal’s money source and trail, particularly the disguise of works done under the hood of CHARITY…. needs to be broken up, made public and he and his party, his goons, all of them must be stripped off their official positions, cases filed on them.

    Turning to the politico-administrative angle, DELHI needs to be just back to be a UNION TERRITORY. Why should it be a state at all ? let is be just the national capital, and a CITY and a UNION TERRITORY !!! Enough is enough !!

  2. One AAP guy TAHIR’s goons dragged and killed IB Official Ankit Sharma and another AAP leader is celebrating his death ! And their CM Kejriwal, who did not give even one statement all along, asking the rioters and protestors to stop, all along saying ‘IT IS NOT THE JOB OF THE CM’ …. he is now shedding crocodile tears ! All along he was blaming the Central Government….

  3. You should ashamed of your self to be Indian , in India we feel terribly sad even some of pet animal , or others known to us but sadly this guy is a Maoist

  4. How did Delhites even let this Kejriwal come to power? Even non-BJP supporters were shocked at this inhumane act. And these people are celebrating? Not just antinational, they are inhumans. What has this got to do with politics? He was an officer, serving the nation. And there is witness and evidence that he was murdered by AAP’s Taahir Hussain. My blood boils to see such sick AAPtards in power in Delhi.

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