Bihar’s Newly-Elected AIMIM MLA Refuses To Say “Hindustan” In Oath, Insists On Saying “Bharat”

AIMIM’s entry into Bihar has heralded the party’s entry into north India, and it seems to have brought with it a whole new brand of politics.

Newly-elected Bihar AIMIM MLA Akhtarul Iman today objected to the word “Hindustan” while being administered oath of office. The MLA sought the Protem Speaker’s permission to replace the word “Hindustan” with “Bharat” while taking the oath. Imam was taking the oath in Urdu, and objected to the word “Hindustan”.

Akhtarul Iman’s objections to the word Hindustan reportedly left protem speaker Jitan Ram Manjhi visibly bewildered. He pointed out that as per convention, those who take oath in Urdu said “Hindustan”. He, however, permitted him to use the word Bharat.

Akhtarul Iman spoke about the incident to reporters outside Bihar assembly. “I had raised no objections. I had simply made a point that whenever we read the Preamble of the Constitution, in whichever language, it mentions the word Bharat. In the light of this fact I felt that since we are taking oath in the name of the Constitution, it would be proper if use the same term for the name of our country,” he said.

Meanwhile, BJP leader and minister Pramod Kumar blasted the AIMIM legislator, saying “those having problem with ‘Hindustan’ should go to Pakistan”.

In the recently-concluded Bihar elections, AIMIM had won 5 seats — Amour, Kochadhamam, Jokihat, Baisi, and Bahadurgunj. Akhtarul Iman won from Amour in Purnia.

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