Congress Accounts Trend Old Data From 2019 To Show Koo App’s Domain Is Registered In China, Latest Data Shows Domain Is Registered In Karnataka, India

Even as a Made-in-India alternative to Twitter has begun gaining in popularity, a smear campaign seems to have simultaneously begun to discredit the app.

A screenshot, that purportedly shows that Koo’s domain as being registered in Jiangxi, China, has been going viral on social media. The screenshot shows that the domain was created in April 2016, and was registered in the Jiangxi province of China.

This screenshot was used extensively in the #ChineseKoo trend that was allegedly initiated by the Congress social media team. Gaurav Pandhi, who heads the social media team at the Congress party, had allegedly urged followers to trend the #ChineseKoo hashtag at 1 pm today.

Sure enough, at 1:36 pm, Gaurav Pandhi himself shared the screenshot with the hashtag #ChineseKoo, hinting that the app was registered in China.

The same tweet was shared by many accounts associated with the Congress.

But this bit of information is grossly misleading — carefully cropped out of the screenshot is the date till which the registration is valid. The website the screenshot is taken from says that the record was last updated on 19th April 2019. This was before Koo App had even been founded.

But the latest data shows a completely different story — the domain was again registered on 28th October 2019, and this time it was registered in Karnataka, India. The entity to which the domain is registered is Bombinate Technologies Private Limited, which is the name of Koo’s parent company.

Moreover, the latest data shows that the app is hosted on servers in Mumbai, India.

As such, it would appear that the domain was with a Chinese company till April 2019, at which point it was discarded. It when then acquired by Koo app on 28th October 2019, which is a completely common practice — domains regularly change hands between people who no longer have use for them, and others who might. Since October 2019, which is roughly around when Koo was founded, the domain has been registered in Karnataka India, and its servers are currently in Mumbai.

But the Congress party used an old screenshot with old data to imply that the Koo app was somehow Chinese, and even made the phrase #ChineseKoo trend in India. It’s one thing for the Congress to try to take down the BJP government, but now it appears that they’re actively lying to take down successful Indian businesses and startups.

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