Shiv Sena Leader Quits Party With Heartfelt Post, Says His Conscience Doesn’t Allow Him To Work With Congress

For political operators, power is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow — that’s the reason they meet people, organize their communities, and toil for years. It’s what makes all the effort worth it. But a Maharashtra politician has stepped aside from his post, just has his party has managed to get the Chief Ministerial post for the first time in twenty years.

Shiv Sena worker Ramesh Solanki has resigned from his party following its decision to join hands with the Congress and the NCP. ” I am resigning from my respected post in BVS/YuvaSena and @ShivSena,” Solanki said in a post that’s gone viral on Twitter. “I thank Uddhav Thackeray and Adibhai Aditya Thackeray for giving me opportunity to work and serve the people of Mumbai, Maharashtra and Hindustan.”

But even as Solanki thanks the Thackerays for the opportunity to work with the Shiv Sena, he makes it clear that he’s quit the party over its decision to tie up with the Congress. “It all started for me in the year 1992 (due to the) fearless leadership and charisma of Shri BalaSaheb Thackeray,” he says. “At the age of 12, I had made up my mind, heart and soul to work for BalaSaheb’s ShivSena. Officially joined ShivSena in the year 1998,” he continues.

“Since then (I) have been working in various posts and capacities following the Hindutva ideology of BalaSaheb. Have seen many ups and downs. Have seen and worked in many elections BMC/VidhanSabha/LokSabha etc with only one dream and one aim — Hindu Rashtra and Congress Mukt Bharat,” he adds.

But Solanki hints he feels betrayed by his own party. “It’s been almost 21 years, (and I) never demanded post, position, or ticket, just gave my all and followed my party’s order till the hilt. (But) ShivSena made a political decision and joined hands with Congress and NCP to form govt in Maharashtra.”

“My conscience and ideology doesn’t permit me to work with Congress, I cant work half-heartedly and it wont be fair to my post, my party my fellow ShivSainiks and my leaders,” he declares. “So with a heavy heart I am making most difficult decision of my life, I am resigning from Shiv Sena. All ShivSainiks are n will always be my brothers and sisters, its a special bonding which blossomed during this 21 years. I will always remain Balasaheb’s ShivSainik at heart,” he said.

Solanki had been a prominent Shiv Sena activist, and in the past had filed cases against TikTok users and Netflix India. He’d demanded that Netflix’s content be passed through a censor board, and had cited examples of shows like “Sacred Games”, “Leila” and “Ghoul”, which he said attempted to “paint an incorrect picture of Hindus and India globally.” The Shiv Sena had earlier broken its decades-long alliance with the BJP to form a government with the Congress and NCP in Maharashtra.

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