Facebook Officially Labels Priyanka Gandhi’s Fake Post On Railways As “Misleading”

Over the last few years, Congress leaders have been spreading fake news with impunity, and with no repercussions. Their sustained disinformation campaign has finally come to the attention of tech platforms.

Facebook has flagged a video shared by Priyanka Gandhi as “misleading”. “Missing Context,” says Facebook’s warning on the top of Priyanka Gandhi’s Facebook post, which was published on 14th December. “Independent fact-checkers say this information could mislead people,” Facebook’s message reads.

In the post, Priyanka Gandhi had claimed that the BJP government had put the stamp of “billionaire friend” Adani on India’s Railway trains. “Tomorrow a huge portion of the Railways will go to Modi’s billionaire friends,” she’s written. She’d then inexplicably tied the video the farmer protests. “Farmers of the country are fighting to stop farming and farmers from going into the hands of Modiji’s billionaire friends,” she’d continued. She’d attached a video of a an Indian Railways train, which was carrying an ad for Fortune Oil, which is produced by the Adani-Wilmar group.

Now Indian Railways regularly lets advertisers rent out space on their trains for ads, and the ad for Adani-Wilmar’s Fortune cooking oil was one such advertisement. But Priyanka Gandhi chose to use the video to make it appear as though the Modi government had sold the train, and the Indian Railways, to the Adani Group.

Facebook now has taken a dim view of the matter, and has flagged her video as misleading. But this isn’t the first time that Priyanka Gandhi has shared fake news online. Earlier this year, Priyanka Gandhi had shared photos which were allegedly of famers in distress in Uttar Pradesh, but it had been pointed out that the photo she’d shared was from Pakistan. A few months later, Priyanka Gandhi had claimed to share pictures from Assam and UP floods, but it had been discovered that the pictures were several years old. With Facebook now officially labeling her latest fake post as “misleading”, it appears that Gandhi’s fake news-sharing ways are finally catching up with her.

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