“Fake Bhabhi” Who Was Staying At Hathras Victim’s House Allegedly Regularly Interacted With Congress Accounts On Twitter

As days pass in the Hathras saga, the details appear to get murkier and murkier.

It has now come to light that one of the women that was regularly talking to the media as one of the victim’s relatives wasn’t related to the victim at all. CNN News 18 has reported that one Rajkumari Bansal, who is a Jabalpur based physician, had turned up at the house a few days after the alleged rape had occurred, and was also talking to the media on behalf of the family.

The discovery had been made by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) which is probing into the alleged links of PFI and naxals in the Hathras case, and had narrowed down to a woman who allegedly posed as victim’s sister in law and stayed at her home. Rajkumari Bansal is accused of prompting victim family for offering certain statements before the media.

In an interview after her name came out, Rajkumari Bansal had denied that she had ever claimed to be a part of the victim’s family. “I was present there (at victim’s house) and if someone identifies me as fake sister in law of the victim, I can’t help,” she has now told reporters. ” “Did I say that I am the sister in law of the victim,” she added.

But a video has now surfaced on social media in which Rajkumari Bansal, while she’d stayed at the house, had said she was the victim’s sister. Shared by Twitter user Ankur Singh, the video shows Rajkumari Bansal claiming to be the victim’s sister, while later telling media that she’d never said she was a part of the family.

Questions are now being asked around who this mystery woman is, who came all the way from Jabalpur to stay with the Hathras victim’s family. Rajkumari Bansal works at Netaji Subas Chandra Bose medical College in Madhya Pradesh’s Jabalpur, and claims she came to Hathras on “humanitarian grounds”. “I had planned to extend some financial help and I also offered them my one month’s salary,” Rajkumari Bansal said, saying that she’d been active in social service since 2017.

Social media users have been trying to find out more about Rajkumari Bansal. A Twitter account in the name Dr Rajkumari Bansal, and with a profile picture that looks very similar to the Rajkumari Bansal from Hathras, has been active since March this year. The Twitter account also links to a Facebook account with the same name, and that account has checked in several times at Jabalpur, where Rajkumari Bansal claims she’s from, making it almost certain that it’s her Twitter account. This Twitter account has been regularly regularly responding to Congress handles on Twitter.

In one instance, all the way back in April, Dr. Rajkumari Bansal replied to Congress social media head Rohan Gupta.

The account also has replied to Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi.

The very first tweet made by the account had replied to the official Congress handle.

The account has also retweeted Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi’s name has previously cropped up in relation to the Hathras case. After the Congress leader had made a big show of visiting Hathras, a Republic TV sting had shown his aide Shyokat Jivan claim on hidden camera that they were looking to incite caste-basted riots around the Hathras case. And now, with a woman who appears to have ties with the Congress party staying at the victim’s house and pretending to be a relative, it’s beginning to appear as though there is more to the Hathras case than immediately meets the eye.

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