Gujarat Home Minister Directs Police To Register Case Against Those Spreading Fake News About Attack On Tanishq Showroom

The far-left extremists who’d spread the fake news about an attack on a Tanishq showroom are about to realize that there are real-world consequences of lying on the internet.

Pradipsinh Jadeja, who handles the Law and Justice and Home Ministries in the Gujarat government, has directed for a case to be registered against those who spread the rumour about an attack on a Tanishq showroom in Gandhidham. ” The news of an attack on a showroom in Gandhidham, Kutch by @ndtv is TOTALLY FAKE. This is a motivated attempt to adversely impact the law & order & incite violence in Gujarat. I have asked to register a case & take strict action against those who spread this fake news,” he tweeted.

Earlier today, NDTV had reported that a Tanishq showroom in Gujarat had been attacked. The news had quickly spread, and was amplified by far-left propagandists including Swara Bhasker, Faye D’Souza and other social media accounts. After Twitter user The Skin Doctor had released an audio clip of his conversation with the store’s manager in which he’d completely denied any such attack, NDTV had quietly edited its article to say that the store had received “threat calls.” Swara Bhasker and Faye D’Souza had also deleted their social media posts after a police official had addressed the media from the showroom and said that no attack had taken place.

This isn’t the first time that the far-left ecosystem has tried to create unrest in such a manner. A left leaning outlet publishes a fake report, which is them amplified by influencers like Swara Bhasker and Faye D’Souza. The news is twisted and exaggerated by anonymous accounts like Pun_Starr, who had gone ahead to claim that he store’s manager was also beaten up. The news eventually makes its way to thousands of propaganda Instagram and Facebook accounts, and becomes very hard to refute. Such news can have real-world implications — fake news spread through the internet in such a manner has led to riots and people losing their lives. With the Gujarat home minister now saying that the police will register a case against those who spread this fake news, one would hope that the far-left extremists who’re attempting to divide India around caste and religion lines will be brought to book.

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