“I Hate India” And Other Tweets Of Salman Nizami, Congress Leader Close To Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Salman Nizami has been emerging as the voice of the party on Twitter — his tweets attacking Congress’ political opponents and praising Rahul Gandhi have been going viral, and garnering Nizami a fair bit of attention. But a series of controversial old tweets have now emerged, and they call into question Nizami’s leanings and his fidelity towards the nation.

Over the years, Salman Nizami has been a prolific Twitter user. He has a verified Twitter profile, and has sent out over 25,000 tweets. But some of these tweets aren’t quite what you’d expect from a rising star within a national party. While these controversial tweets have now been deleted, video grabs and archived links are still around. Here are some of Congress leader Salman Nizami’s most controversial tweets.

1.Kashmir is “occupied” by India

Salman Nizami calls Kashmir “Occupied Kashmir”. In a tweet, when asked by a user if he was from India, he replied saying that he wasn’t from India, but from #Occupied Kashmir.

2. Wants Kashmir’s independence from India

Salman Nizami doesn’t only believe that Kashmir is occupied by India — he also actively wants its independence. He also is in favour of using violence to achieve it. “O Hindustan, your one Bhagat Singh sacrificed himself for his country’s independence,” he wrote on Twitter. “But 1.5 lakh Kashmiris are willing to sacrifice themselves for its independence,” he had tweeted in 2013.

3. Omar Abdullah should be the Prime Minister of independent Kashmir

And Salman Nizami doesn’t only want Kashmir to be independent, and advocates for violence to achieve it — he also has plans for Kashmir once it’s an independent nation. “I have a dream. I want to see Omar Abdullah as the Prime Minister of Independent Kashmir,” he’d tweeted in 2013.

4. Support for Afzal Guru

Salman Nizami has been unabashed about his support for Kashmiri separatist and Parliament attack mastermind Afzal Guru. After Afzal Guru was hanged for his role in the Parliament attack, Salman Nizami taunted India, asking how many Afzal Gurus would it kill, because an Afzal Guru would emerge from every house in Kashmir.

5. President Pranab Mukherjee is a “bastard”, would be hanged if he came to Kashmir

Former President Pranab Mukherjee had rejected Afzal Guru’s mercy petition, and this hadn’t gone down well with Salman Nizami. He’d then called President Mukherjee a “bastard”, and said that he’d be hanged if he dared to come to Kashmir.

6. BJP leaders would be hanged if they came to Kashmir

And calls to violence seem to come easy to Salman Nizami. In a tweet, he once challenged them to hold a rally in Kashmir, and said they’d be hanged at Ghantaghar if they dared to do so.

7. I Hate India And I Mean It

Salman Nizami also isn’t shy about expressing his hatred of India. “I hate you India and I mean it,” he’d tweeted in 2009.

8. We want a separate country

Nizami has said that he wants Kashmir to be a separate country, and added the hashtag #HateIndia.

9. I hate you India

And his hate for India wasn’t a one-time thing — four years after his tweets saying that he hated India, Salman Nizami has tried to run campaigns in which people tweet “I hate you India” in 2013.

10. Fight them till all opposition ends and the only religion is Islam

Salman Nizami has also written tweets that promote an Islamo-fascist worldview. “So, fight them till all opposition ends and the only religion is Islam,” #desecration of ‘Quran’ by BSF 4 Muslims killed,” he’d tweeted in 2013.

Who is Salman Nazami?

Just a year after he had asked people to tweet about hating India, Salman Nizami was appointed as the Joint Secretary of the J&K Pradesh Congress Committee at the behest of party vice-president Rahul Gandhi. Nizami has since been photographed with Rahul Gandhi, and has become a strident voice of his support on social media. He has been repeatedly tweeting that he wants Rahul Gandhi to become the Prime Minister of India.

While India will decide if it needs Rahul Gandhi as the Prime Minister, Salman Nizami’s tweets would lead one to wonder about the ideologies of the people who are in support of Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party.

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