Mamata Banerjee Was Hit By Car Door After It Opened Against A Pillar, Reports Of Being Attacked By 5 Men Are Not True: Eyewitnesses

Eyewitnesses who were present at Nandigram have strongly refuted claims that she was ‘attacked’ while on the campaign trail.

A TV9 reporter spoke to eyewitnesses who were present when the alleged accident had taken place. “Didi left her car, her gate opened against this pillar, and it hit her,” an eyewitness said, pointing at the small pillar next to the road. “Now she’s saying that five people attacked her, nothing of the sort happened,” he added. The eyewitness confirmed that he’d been present when the incident had taken place.

“Yes, she was hurt by the pillar,” said a second eyewitness. “Didi stepped out of the car doing a namaste, and the car gate hit the pillar,” said another man who said he’d seen the incident. A third eyewitness also repeated the same story.

Yet another eyewitness, this time interviewed by ANI, even gives his name and city, and goes on to say that the door hit a pillar, which in turn hit Mamata Banerjee.

Another student, Soman Maity, gave the same account. “When CM Mamata Banerjee came here, public gathered around her, at the time she got hurt in her neck & leg, NO ONE PUSHED HER, the car was moving slowly,” he said.

After the incident had taken place, Mamata Banerjee had pointed at her foot and said she’d been attacked. At that point, in somewhat dramatic fashion, she was ‘rushed’ to Kolkata. Her condition appeared to have suddenly deteriorated enroute, because at Kolkata she was wheeled into the hospital on a stretcher.

Mamata’s Bengal campaign is now showing unmistakable shades of Arvind Kejriwal’s campaign for the Delhi elections last year. In Delhi, Kejriwal had publicly sung the Hanuman Chalisa to improve his image among Hindu voters, and in Bengal, Banerjee had also recently recited the Chandipath. Kejriwal, for his part, has been attacked on several occasions and had ink thrown at him, and Mamata Banerjee today similarly claimed she’d been attacked. Both Mamata Banerjee and Arvind Kejriwal’s campaigns, incidentally, are being managed by Prashant Kishore.

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