Mamata Banerjee Questions “Yellow” PPE Kits Provided By Center, Says Might Not Use Them Because Of Colour

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Millions of people across the world are infected with a deadly disease, and thousands have died, but West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee continues to obsess over political conspiracies.

Mamata Banerjee has questioned the colour of the PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) kits provided by the central government to the state, Hindustan Times Bangla reports. “One lakh PPE kits were sought from the center. Of these, only 3000 kits were sent by the central government yesterday,” she said at a press conference. “And do you know what the biggest surprise was? A colour has been fixed for the kits. I hear the colour is yellow,” she declared.

Banerjee then questioned the choice of the colour for the kits. “I don’t know if yellow matches with Covid. Doctors usually wear (PPE kits) in white or ash colour. Or wear sky blue kits. Some kits in nursing homes are pink. But I’ve never seen yellow kits. We’ll have to see what the matter is,” she said. She even went on to say that the Bengal government might not use the yellow kits.

Banerjee appeared to be hinting that the BJP, which is known as the saffron party, had sent the yellow kits in order to subliminally indicate to the masses that the kits were provided by the center.

However, yellow or orange kits are used all over the world — bright colours are handy in alerting people of danger, and are useful for capturing people’s attention.

But even as India has been working hard to provide PPE kits to millions of doctors across the country, and several people are dead in her own state, Mamata Banerjee’s fixation with the BJP — and her attempt to stoke a political mud-fight — might be the last thing the people of West Bengal need at the moment.

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9 thoughts on “Mamata Banerjee Questions “Yellow” PPE Kits Provided By Center, Says Might Not Use Them Because Of Colour

  1. Corona virus doesn’t identify you by colour, don’t get carried away by your stupid ideas. You may get infected be careful and stay safe do less politics mataji.

  2. Sometimes you have to leave politics aside doctors paramedics needs these PPE urgently so request to leave colours apart and move ahead to fight Covid

  3. This is utter nonsense. Any bright color is fine for PPE. Leave your bloody politics and get on with the work. Next time order PPE with preferred color. Period

  4. The class of PPE are important here, ISO 16603 class 3 coveralls are recommended for COVID 19. Since there is huge demand, all types of coveralls are being used which may not be of IS0 16603 class 3 standard.

  5. It only due to incompetent and power hungry corrupt politician, like you, that Bengal people doesn’t excel or get Central benefits today. You can make people suffer to keep up your corruption and dont want doctor to be protected so that you can hide what center is doing! SHAME SHAME SHAME

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