Leaked Farmer Protest Documents Reveal Plans To “Disrupt India’s Image” While Not Being “Overtly Khalistani”

Those on the outside had often wondered what the real goals of the so-called farmer protests were, but a leaked document from a Canadian organization that had been organizing the protests provides a rare insight into what the movement is really like.

Among the documents inadvertently leaked by Greta Thunberg in a now-deleted tweet is a slideshow made by an organization called the “Poetic Justice Foundation. The slides, evidently made prior to Republic Day, speak of a “Global Day of Action” on 26th January. “Protesting for Farmers on India’s Republic Day January 26, 2021” the document says.

The document, the planning and precision of which would do a Fortune 500 company proud, details how the “Global Day of Action” would be carried out. There was a detailed timeline leading up to Republic Day, in an effort to whip up emotions to a crescendo on Republic Day. On 3rd January, there was a “Discovery and Planning Meeting” held, and tag lines and hashtags were decided on 8th January. There were more events that culminated on Republic Day. As the world knows, on Republic Day, farmers in Delhi went on a violent rampage, and unfurled their religious flag on the Red Fort. Over 400 policemen were injured in the violence.

But that was only the first step of the plan. The Repeal of the Farm Bills, which most people on social media think the protests are about, seem to be only a convenient facade to hide a much more elaborate plan. The rest of the objectives move on to the hidden motives that those managing the protests really have. “Expose fascist responses to dissent,” is the next objective, which means the movement has political aims, as opposed to being a simple farmers protest. Another stated objective is to “disrupt the yoga and chai image of India in general”. India is seen in the west as being a benign, peaceful country, and these protests aim to “disrupt” that image and replace it with that of an authoritarian state.

And perhaps most tellingly, the real motives of the protest are revealed in SWOT analysis that the document carries out. Among the threats listed in the document is “being overtly Khalistani”, which indicates that the protest is being stage-managed by Khalistanis, but they’re being careful to stay behind the scenes.

What is the Poetic Justice Foundation?

The website of the Poetic Justice Foundation says that the organization “challenges structures of oppression and discrimination through intersectional grassroots advocacy.” The organization is based out of Canada. “Our goal is to educate, organize and mobilize Canadians to achieve and protect equal rights in all aspects of social, political and economic life,” it adds.

The details on the website are sparse, but more about the shadowy organization can be gleaned through other means. In October last year, the Poetic Justice Foundation had run an event titled “Khalistan: A conversation on trauma, racism and sovereignty”, which planned to discuss the complexities of the Khalistan movement.

And the members of Poetic Justice Foundation don’t seem coy about expressing their support for Khalistan either. One Mo Dhaliwal, whose bio says he works with the Poetic Justice Foundation, even says “being Khalistani isn’t a bad thing.” “And… being Khalistani isn’t a bad thing, that’s part of the problem with the framing. #khalistan is a bogeyman used to delegitimize us constantly, whereas there are movements for independence and self-determination worldwide that don’t get vilified,” he’d tweeted on 7th December last year, all but making his political views known.

The document — and the associated global conspiracy — wouldn’t never come to light had it not been for Greta Thunberg’s error in sharing it publicly on Twitter. But now that it’s been seen by the world, it provides a unique insight into how Khalistani elements have cleverly used the farmer protests to carry out their political agenda in India.

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