Rahul Gandhi Is “Nervous, Unformed”, Lacks Aptitude Or Passion: Barack Obama In New Memoir

It’s not just Indian voters who haven’t exactly been thrilled by Rahul Gandhi over the years — foreign leaders seem to think much the same.

Former US President Barack Obama has described Rahul Gandhi is less than flattering terms in his latest memoir titled “A promised land.” As per a review of the book in New York Times, this is how Barack Obama describes Rahul Gandhi:

Rahul Gandhi has “a nervous, unformed quality about him, as if he were a student who’d done the coursework and was eager to impress the teacher but deep down lacked either the aptitude or the passion to master the subject.”

Obama has met Rahul Gandhi several times: in 2017, the duo had met and Rahul Gandhi, at that time, had termed their chat as “fruitful.” Rahul Gandhi and Barack Obama have also met at a state dinner at the Rashtrapati Bhawan when Obama was the US President.

But Obama seems to have been less than impressed at these meetings, and appears to have been scathing towards Gandhi in his new book. Indeed, calling a politician nervous and lacking aptitude and passion isn’t something that a world leader would do lightly — for Obama to have chosen these words, he must’ve gleaned enough in his meetings with Rahul Gandhi to make these observations.

This isn’t the first time that high-ranking US officials have been less than flattering about Rahul Gandhi, though this might be the first public admission. In a Wikileaks cable from 2005 titled “Rahul Gandhi: Lackluster leader”, US diplomat Robert O. Blake, Jr had said this, quoting Saeed Naqvi:

He claims that the word among Congress insiders, including those in the coterie surrounding Sonia Gandhi, is that Rahul will never become Prime Minister for several reasons. Saying that he "refused to indulge in gossip," Naqvi claimed that it is increasingly common knowledge that Rahul suffers from "personality problems" of an emotional or psychological nature that are severe enough to prevent him from functioning as PM.

And with Barack Obama now calling Rahul Gandhi “nervous”, “unformed” and lacking ability or passion, there remains little doubt about how Rahul Gandhi is perceived by the world’s oldest democracy.

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