I Was Forced To Buy Priyanka Gandhi’s Portrait: Yes Bank’s Rana Kapoor

There’s finally some clarity on why Yes Bank’s Rana Kapoor bought a painting from Priyanka Gandhi for Rs. 2 crore.

Yes Bank CEO Rana Kapoor has said that he was forced to buy the painting from Priyanka Gandhi, reports Republic. “I had to be on the right side of the government and pressure was built so that I buy those portraits,” he said. The painting, an MF Hussain original, had been presented by the painted to Rajiv Gandhi in 1985, and had been sold to Yes Bank’s Rana Kapoor in 2010. At that time, the UPA government was in power.

This had been also made clear in the conversations that Congress MP Milind Deora had with Rana Kapoor. Deora had repeatedly pestered Kapoor for a meeting, and then had given him veiled threats if he chose not to buy the painting. “I’m trying to reach you for a few days now. Need to know when the cheque will be ready. Even if it’s taking a week or so, it’s not a problem. But you must let me know a rough date asap as I have to communicate the same to delhi immediately. And afraid that further delays in communicating the date to Delhi will give them the impression that the bank is not serious. This might scuttle the transaction and won’t create a good impression in their minds,” Deora had written in an SMS.

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  1. दो करोड में बाप को बेचा क्या ए देश को नहीं बेचेगी पैसों के लिऐ। स्विस बैंक में जमा काले धन रद्दी हो गया है तो फिर देश दादी अम्मा की तरह लूटेगी। नस्ल पहले चेक करें कि इस जर्सी भेस की तरह नहीं है ना।

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