Watch: Rahul Gandhi Aide Caught On Hidden Camera Planning To Trigger Caste Riots Over Hathras Case

Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Hathras was initially being seen as a photo-op, which allowed the Gandhi scion to hog the limelight even as the district battled a tragedy. But the real purpose of Gandhi’s visit might have been more sinister.

A senior Congress leader and Rahul Gandhi aide has been caught on undercover camera talking about sparking off caste riots in Hathras. Shyoraj Jivan Valmiki was stung by Republic TV, and on camera confessed that he provoked Dalits in Hathras. In the tape, Shyoraj Jivan goes on in great detail to reveal how he is willing to take all help to incite mass violence, and claims that nothing would be able to stop it. He proceeds to allege that leaders of the Congress from Delhi were ready to arrive depending on the scale of the violence, finally stating on record that Rahul Gandhi would come ‘when bullets are fired’.

“Two people should die from each side”

In the tape, Shyoraj Jivan admits that the Congress party had no issue in Uttar Pradesh, but had found an issue in the Hathras tragedy. He says how the family of the victim wasn’t keen on pursuing the issue, but it was through his intervention that they decided to protest. He brags about how Congress is ready to engineer riots and revealed stunning details about a ‘mass bloodbath’. The Congress leader said that there will be “a fierce clash” and “a bloody fight”.

“Nobody can stop riots, the way the situation is panning out. Because it is the Valmiki samaj marshal kaum. You can attack us in villages because there are 2 houses, 4 houses. You can gherao us. Many will be slaughtered, many will be killed. We are in large numbers in the city,” he said. The Congress leader admitted that there is “full top-notch preparation” and his party is “gearing-up” for it.

Shyoraj Jivan said that senior leaders would join the protest when the situation escalated. “Of course they (national leaders) will come. PL Punia can come. Mukul Wasnik can come. We can call anybody from Congress. From Samajwadi Party, we can get Akhilesh Yadav. Rahul will come when bullets are fired. Two people should die from each side. A leader should die or some common man should die, ” Jivan said.

The UP government has now taken notice of the sting. A notice has been issued to Shyoraj Jivan and he will be questioned tomorrow. The UP government has also reportedly initiated the process to file an FIR against him.

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