Watch: We’re 15 Crore, But We’ll Dominate 100 Crore, Says AIMIM Spokesperson Waris Pathan

AIMIM seems to talk about equality, secularism and the constitution while discussing Shaheen Bagh, but seems to sing a slightly different tune at its own rallies.

“We’ll have to get azaadi. And what you don’t get by simply asking, you have to snatch it,” AIMIM Spokesperson Waris Pathan said at an anti-CAA rally in Gulbarga, Karnataka on 16th February. “Thus far we’ve only sent our lionesses (women) out, and you’re sweating. Imagine what’ll happen if we come out,” he continued. “15 crore hain lekin 100 crore pe bhaari hain, yaad rakh lena ye baat (We’re 15 crore, but we can dominate 100 crore, remember this),” he said. AIMIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi was in attendance at the event.

Talk of demographic numbers is a regular feature of AIMIM’s rhetoric. In 2013, Akbarudding Owaisi, the brother of Asaduddin Owaisi had made a similar claim. “We (Muslims) will finish 100 crores Hindus if you remove police across the country for just 15 minutes,” the younger Owaisi had said.

The sentiment was also carried over to Shaheen Bagh. The protest’s mastermind, Sharjeel Imam, had also invoked demographic numbers in a speech at Jamia. He’d said that Muslims made up a sizable portion of India’s population, and could thus bring all major Indian cities to a halt if they wished.

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