Yogi Govt Starts Sealing Properties Of CAA Rioters Two Days After Warning

While other state governments are working on containing the CAA mob violence in their cities, UP has already begun punishing the culprits.

Two days after UP CM Yogi Adityanath had declared that the properties of violent rioters would be seized and used to compensate the damage to public property, the administration in several districts has started proceedings by identifying and sealing properties of the accused. The administration in Muzaffarnagar sealed 50 shops belonging to alleged rioters who caused damage to public property. The sealed shops were all in the trouble-hit Minakshi Chowk and Kachchi Sadak areas of the town.

“We have to confirm why these shops were kept closed and mobs had also gathered around the shops. An investigation is on into the matter,” SSP Abhishek Yadav told TOI. The authorities had used video footage to identify the vandals.

“Over 200 unidentified and 25 named persons have been booked in Farrukhabad city, while 31 have been named and 250 unknown have been booked in Maudarwaza. The assets of the accused would be seized to pay for the losses of public and private properties,” said Farrukhabad SP Anil Kumar Mishra.

The sealing of properties was done through a Supreme Court order passed on 1st October 2018 that declared that those responsible for damage to public property be made liable to compensate victims and reimburse the loss. The court had ordered agencies to take appropriate action against such persons under provisions of the Indian Penal Code.

UP Police had earlier accused rioters of using children as shields, and said that they have recovered 405 shells of countrymade pistols from protest sites across the state. Police have so far arrested 705 people and lodged 124 FIRs.

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