Youth Congress Forgets Basic Mathematics, Attacks Govt For Lowered Unemployment Numbers

When a party promotes people based on their surnames instead of merit, incompetence can flow all the way to the very bottom.

Yesterday, Youth Congress accounts across the country tried to attack the government over the unemployment issue. But there was only one problem — they used lowered unemployment numbers to make their point.

As discovered by Twitter user @BefittingFacts, at least eight official accounts of the Youth Congress tweeted the following in near-unison: “The urban unemployment rate in July was recorded 9.15% as against 12.02% in June.” All accounts added the hashtag #YuvaVirodhiNiteshModi, making it appear as though they believed that the tweet proved the government’s incompetence.

But as even a fifth grader would know, unemployment numbers going down is something governments aspire for — if the unemployment rate was 9.15 percent in July as opposed to 12.02 percent in June, it was a good thing, and showed how the government had managed to give people jobs. But incredibly, this was lost on the Youth Congress accounts of states ranging from West Bengal to Goa, who dutifully tweeted out what had been presumably handed out to them by an mathematically-challenged staffer.

It would be hard to find a silver lining in this fiasco — what was once India’s premier political force now struggles to figure out how unemployment numbers work — but such is the irrelevance of the Congress on social media that the howler was largely ignored. The Indian Youth Congress Telangana’s tweet got two retweets, while the one from the Indian Youth Congress in Kerala managed just one. And while Rahul Gandhi has been dithering about coming back to take over the reins of the party as President, the latest goof up shows that the Pappu-fication of the party is already well underway.

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