IMA Doctors Demand President Jayalal’s Resignation Over Comments Around Using His Position To Convert Young Doctors To Christianity

Doctors from the Indian Medical Association haven’t taken too kindly to the remarks of President Dr. Johnrose Jayalal which had gone viral yesterday. IMA’s doctors have taken to social media to demand the resignation Dr. Johnrose Jayalal, after his comments had surfaced yesterday in which he’d said that he was […]

Indian Medical Association President Dr. Johnrose Jayalal Says He Wants To Convert Young Medical Students To Christianity, Sees IMA As Body To Spread Word Of Jesus Christ

In an atmosphere where there merest mention of Hinduism in public life is viewed with the greatest suspicion, people from other religions working in decidedly secular institutions can still continue to run their religious agendas with impunity. Dr JA Jayalal, the President of the Indian Medical Association, has said that […]